Bánh Mì

$7.00-$7.50 per sandwich


Bánh Mì is a Vietnamese version of a sub sandwich, a sandwich that’s made with a crispy baguette roll and filled with savory & zesty ingredients.

Fillings include a base of either meat or tofu, pâté, pickled veggies, jalapeños & sauces.

The bánh mì sandwich combines all the flavor profile of sweet, savory, tangy, crisp & spicy in every bite, easily making it one of the best meals to enjoy for breakfast or lunch.



Cold Cut Ham

Thịt Nguội


Shredded Chicken

Gà Jambon

Pate Pork Meat Loaf

Pâté Chả Luạ

Grilled Pork

Thịt Nướng

Grilled Chicken

Gà Nướng

Grilled Pork Patties

Nem Nướng

Shredded Pork Skin

Special Combination

Đặc Biệt

Pork Meatballs

Xiú Mại

Grilled Beef

Bò Nướng Xã

Fried Egg

Trứng Ốp La

Vegan Pâté Ham

Pâté Ham Chay

Vegan Pork Meatballs

Xiú Mại Chay

Vegan Pork Meat Loaf

Pâté Chả Luạ Chay

Vegan Grilled Pork

Thịt Nướng Chay

Vegan Grilled Chicken

Gà Nướng Xã Chay

Vegan Special Combination

Đặc Biệt Chay

Vegan Grilled Beef

Bò Nướng Xã Chay


William Ho
William Ho
Their Vietnamese coffee is strong and GOOD. Sometimes I will add some of my milk to make it lighter. Did I mention it is also very cheap. It's a bargain. One time, my coworkers saw my coffee and asked "did you drink chocolate milk?" :))))
Robert Nguyen
Robert Nguyen
I'm so happy that this sandwich shop also has alternative vegan options on their menu. It seems hidden in a corner of the shopping plaza but they offer a lot of pastries and other baked goods.
Cindy Sue Truman
Cindy Sue Truman
🌿Amazingly Awesome and crafted with YUM! All the veggie meat sandwiches are delicious. The veggie pork with extra mixed fresh veggies make a ordinary day an Amazing one. Perfect~spice, sweet & crunch mix. ♥️
Gillian Frey
Gillian Frey
Delicious bahn mi! The grilled chicken is my favorite. Great baguette and delicious pastries and cakes! So yummy!
Anthony Pineda
Anthony Pineda
Absolutely delicious bakery in socal. The bread here is exceptional and their banh mi is probably the best I've had. They also have an impressive amount of vegetarian options which my gf appreciated. I tried it and was very very impressed. Good prices, great customer service and great food.
Thuy Binh
Thuy Binh
Good food and neat place. Perfect customer service. Many great choices.
Tasha Fina
Tasha Fina
Lovely place with excellent customer service.