Only the Best


We offer a variety of authentic Vietnamese candies. All the way from tamarind jam to lotus seed candy. Our large selection of savory candies will truly satisfy your sweet cravings!

Peanut Candy

Kẹo Đậu Phộng

Salted & Sugared Dried Apricot Candy (No Sugar)

Ô Mai Mơ Không Đường

Lotus Seed Candy

Mứt Sen Trần

Vietnamese Plum Candy

Xí Muội

Ginger Candy

Mứt Gừng

Salted & Sugared Dried Apricot Candy

Ô Mai Mơ

Banana Candy

Kẹo Chuối

Tamarind Jam

Me Ngào

Soursop & Tamarind Candy

Mứt Mãng Cầu & Me